Introducing our DCTG™ Monthly Membership Club-VIP Gold Card and Black Card Members

We at DCTG™ Inc. are excited to announce our newest staple to our brand, and that is our DCTG™ Monthly Membership Cards. Since the inception of the brand 5 years ago, the DCTG™ movement has inspired hundreds of thousands of people all across the world. We are proud of the cult following that has been built over the years, and are extremely grateful for the continued support that pours in day after day. Our supporters and fans are undoubtedly what helps push the brand forward, and we wanted to extend our gratitude by providing an avenue where we could connect with our supporters even more. Our Membership Community is designed exclusively with our biggest DCTG™ supporters in mind.  Click below to find out which membership card suits you best, and welcome to the DCTG™ Family. 



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